Being OpenCIV certified means that your organization is compliant at a baseline level with the open-source methodology concepts regarding community collaboration, transparency, and information sharing. Becoming certified requires meeting the criteria listed below by publishing information on your website. The information must be easily accessible from your home page in two or fewer mouse clicks or finger taps and by clicking or tapping the certification logo we provide on your home page. Certification needs to be verified and renewed annually. The cost for certification is $249 per year. Contact us for more information.

Requirements for certification:

  • Publishing annual financial records for public view
  • Publishing annual pollution records for public view
  • Publishing annual lobbying, political finance, and all other donation records for public view
  • Publishing annual open-source technology records for public view

Benefits provided with certification:

  • Promotion of your efforts with featured articles also shared on social media
  • Adding your organization to our official list of certified organizations
  • License to display the certification graphic on your website and a certificate to display on premises
  • Help with creating any customized RSS feeds
  • A share in the Open-Source Civilization (OpenCIV) crypto token redeemable for featured benefits
OpenCIV Certified

Current Certified Organizations