Technology and the Internet have given rise to the availability of information at our fingertips. While the public, particularly consumers, are more commonly described as being the leading users and beneficiaries of electronic information services, businesses and government organizations are also players in the same information technology resource arena. Technology is also being integrated more in our everyday lives. Important information can now be easily stored on Internet websites for the public, businesses, and other governmental offices to search and peruse when needed. The Internet has also allowed for electronic devices to connect and communicate with each other in ways that make the transmitted information a commodity. These services can be vulnerable to exploitation and are often compromised due to lacking security among other reasons including intentional disinformation and propaganda campaigns. Furthermore, information is being manipulated or kept secret from the public for various reasons that could be used to better understand and improve upon the essential services in our society. All of these factors together impact the public trust, which has been demonstrated by low trust levels according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.

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Low public trust in our organizations and institutions is counterproductive to a thriving society. We are a group of scholars and professionals concerned about the gaps of disconnection between organizations and the public, which has been contributing towards public trust issues. These issues widely affect society from commerce to policy and comprise every sector including governmental, corporate, and non-governmental organizations. Developed from the technology consulting initiative at LBS Computing & Associates, we strive to educate and help facilitate the sustainable adoption of open-source methodology, which involves technology alongside community collaboration, transparency, and information sharing, among the socioeconomic sphere. We are all in this society together as a team.

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